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A large smartphone by LG, released in fall 2014. The LG G3 (D855) boasts a Quad HD IPS display and a 13-megapixel camera.

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thermal paste a must or well the folded paper work alone?

First thank you for the steps to fixing my LG -D852 . Problem: flickering and fading away possibly from over heating. Done: I followed the steps you provided with folding a small paper 3-4 times and sized it to fit the connector beside the camera., It now put together and so far works great actually better . i noticed that there was another step that involved thermal paste, is this step necessary or well it be fine without it? Thank you, Heather

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qt.pie.1020  if those steps worked for you and everything is working okay, leave it alone and re-evaluate at a later time.

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I agree with that..perfection doesn't belong to this world..any close approximation that works fine should do :)


great plan....Just like my pops says... "if it ant broke don't fix it!" lol :)


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