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Released October 24, 2011 / 2.2, 2.4, or 2.5 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Command key and zero (0) not working

I had an issue with the Command key and 0 not working, started intermittently. Then qaz and delete stopped working that too started intermittently. So I ordered a new top case. After a lot of screws and picking things apart and putting it back together again, I have a new keyboard. The problem is that Command and 0 is still only working intermittently. If I push both Commands and zero at the same time it usually get them going again. The question is what could now be the issue. The Command key does not work at startup either, so it most likely isn't a software deal. haven't had any issues with qaz. Appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

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Lets see if resetting the PRAM settings helps here. Reset NVRAM or PRAM on your Mac.

Also what App are you using that calls for a CMD - 0 (zero) I only can think of CMD - O (letter) for open file at the OS level.

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I guess I wasn't clear the 3 keys that is not working on the keyboard is both command keys and zero all other keys works fine. The issue was that I initially replaced the keyboard (top casing) to correct this problem. This also makes it hard to reset the pram. I did do a pram reset when the key was working for once, but that didn't correct the problem either. So either the new keyboard has the same issue (hard for me to test) or it is something else. I don't have the info on the inner workings on this so it is hard to say.


OK lets do this open the keyboard viewer and check to see if the keys action is working Vs the interpretation on what the key means.

Open the Preferences and open the Control Keyboard Panel. First click on 'Keyboard' and click on 'Show keyboard...' So now the right menu bar will show the viewer. Then go to 'Input' tab so you can make sure the correct keyboard is present. Does the keys them selves register?

What I find odd is if you have replaced the keyboard and the exact same keys are messed up. I'm wondering if you by mistake put the old keyboard back in. You see I could see a row or a column of keys failing as that would suggest either the X or Y wire lines had a break. But the limits of the CMD as well as the Zero keys doesn't quite make sense. Here's a good read on how keyboards work: The Blue Pill Option Building a Keyboard (part-4)

So that leaves us to suspect the logic board has a problem either at the keyboard connector or the traces but even that doesn't make sense! As just like the keyboard its self the lines from the keyboard travel to the logic board where the signals are decoded.


That I have done, everything reacts except command and zero. I tried an external keyboard and that works.


At this point I would try replacing the keyboard ribbon cable and if that failed, I guess you'll need to trace out the matrix lines of the keyboard manually then to locate the faulty trace on it. This will take some doing as you'll need to remove the keyboard again to gain access to the pads on the back side to then trace through the ribbon cable and then to the logic board connector. Some where in this pathway you have a broken line.

It still makes no sense as there are other keys that also are supported by the same lines. Which brings me back to the bad key switch of that keyboard

Are you sure you put in the new keyboard? And didn't put back the bad one.


I didn't replace just the keyboard, but the whole upper case with the keyboard power button etc including the ribbon. Bought that thru ifixit MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Early 2011-Mid 2012) Upper Case

Did put in the right case since the old one was Norwegian. It is really weird that the same issue would appear in both keyboards. Then again it could be a weakness in both. I find it strange that the problem would be something on the motherboard which the keyboard connects to. Since everything from the keys to the ribbon was replaced, I haven't really opened the computer before, so I can't really see that I have damaged something prior to the keys stopped working initially. The last time it was opened was when the motherboard was replaced thru a recall from Apple.


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My macbook pro 2014 is doing the same thing. They keyboard doesn’t work for command and 0

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My 27' imac built in '14 is doing the same thing. command and zero button. How do I reset pram if you have no command button? This isnt the factory keyboard, it was replaced a couple of years ago with oem.


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My Mid 2014 Macbook Pro has the exact same symptom — the right command key and the zero key intermittently don’t work.

Watching with the Keyboard Viewer, I have found that they (so far) will respond after some time if I simply keep them pressed down and just wait. In anywhere from 30-300 seconds, the keys seem to come back to life for a while so long as I keep using them. Once I stop using the keys for while, I have to press and hold and wait again.

Leads me to think the issue may be temperature-related as the only physical change of keeping those keys pressed is my fingers absorbing some heat.

Glad I didn’t try the upper case fix, thanks Kjell…that was next on my list! I tried the NVRAM reset, no luck too.

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@bricad, you are brilliant!!! i have had this exact problem for sooo long and at last found your solution--thanks SO much!!!

BTW, just in case this ever doesn't work for someone, here's the wokaround i've been using:

system preferences> keyboard> keyboard> modifier keys> change the control key to function as the command.



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