Ipad Air 2 boot loop and now with a dead battery

I have an ipad air 2(wifi version), I was watching youtube and i lost connection to home wifi but all my other devices are working fine so i have restarted my ipad, but instead it entered boot loop "apple logo flashes and tries to restart over and over". itunes could not recognize ipad so i tried the DFU/Recovery mode then it discovered but restoring failed with some error message which i don't remember now but when i looked up what that error code mean was i could find some thing like "restoring cannot be completed because device restarted in the middle of restore process." and now the ipad screen is blank just like with out any battery juice left (suspecting completely dead battery) so now it is not responding to my charger or computer.

can any one suggest me if any way of charging the battery and then fix the looping issue?

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