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This laptop from HP was released in November of 2011. It has a 17.3" display and and comes in either silver or nero black. A notable feature of this model is its dual subwoofer sound system.

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Can you upgrade the AMD Graphics Card?

Is the graphics card for this model integrated in the Motherboard? Can I replace the Card?

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The graphics chip is integrated into the motherboard, so no, you cannot simply upgrade just the graphics chip. However, this laptop came with two available graphics cards: a Radeon HD 6770m, and a Radeon 7850m. If you have the 6770m, you can upgrade to the 7850 model by replacing the entire motherboard. As this is replacing most of the major components along with the card, it could be quite costly, as much as a new PC.

Here's the service manual:


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Short and concise - does not pay. It is better to buy another/new model.

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Thanks for the answer. I have another Question. I reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch now. The display works because it takes the Windows basic display drivers. But as soon as I connect to internet Windows starts looking for new display drivers and installs it automatically in the background. And soon as this driver is install my screen goes blank/black. Is there a way to stop windows from installing this driver or to disable the graphics card?

I am ok with using with the basic display drivers. It is not as crisp as the AMD display drivers but it works and it doesn't go blank and I able to use my laptop for basic browsing and stuff.

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If you start in safe mode and install the drivers manually have the same problem? Tested different versions?


Yes I did but as soon as I start the computer in normal mode It just goes blank.


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