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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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Processor can be upgraded to G4 just changing it???

Can I change the processor and install a G4 one?

How can I perform my iBook to install Tiger? It's a 6Gb and 384Mb RAM.

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I agree, a G4 clamshell is neither realistically possible, nor a practical project to take on.

As for Tiger on clamshells, I'm not an expert at machines that old, but a brief search on the web seems to indicate that Panther is the highest they'll go without resorting to extreme measures:


If you do try to go the Tiger route, you'll need to find the Tiger 4 CD set, or have an external optical/hard drive to use to host the software. It's just not an OS that was around during the time clamshells were prevalent, so getting one loaded with it is not going to be a straightforward upgrade.

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You can't it's too old..

don't toss good money after bad.

Those ibooks, are not upgradeable, proc & video card, are both soldered on the logic board.

Sell the laptop and buy a "newer old" laptop with a damaged screen, keyboard, or airport card... something that is not part of the logic board.

Good Luck,


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FYI on the issue, I am now using a clamshell firewire 466MHZ with 10.4.11.

First, I had the original HD of 9GB. I tried to install 10.4 with a DVD but the dvd drive was too slow I guess because it never worked. What I had to do is boot this mac from another computer and use CCC to copy the system from the other mac to this one. It worked but I had to tweak around to suppress the recurring messages from CCC telling me that I needed to sync with the original computer.

And yesterday, I went for the plunge. I totally dismantled the clamshell, removed the HD and replaced it with an 80 GB used HD. And that newish HD has again 10.4.11 and it is working so far. It is much quieter than before because there is no humming from the HD.

Hoping you'll be as successful as I was in my swapping.


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Apparently, someone's done it. Was looking for a blog about it.


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