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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a smartphone noted for its combination of a large display and software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus.

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GT-N7100 does not recognize specific SIM card


My mom has a factory unlocked international GT-N7100. She came to the US to visit me and I got her a line from Mint Mobile, a subsidiary of T-Mobile US, which I also use. When I plugged the new SIM in her phone the phone gave the "No SIM card" error, but interestingly it still shows bars and reads a signal. I thought the SIM card itself is faulty. I inserted the SIM in my phone and it worked flawlessly, I was even able to send texts and make calls from it. Then I thought although her SIM was working previously, maybe I broke the phone's SIM reader in the process, but I inserted my Vodafone card to it and it roamed to T-Mobile, so I know that the phone can read SIM cards and it can connect to the T-Mobile network.

Long story short, phone accepts other SIM cards and connects to the same network, SIM card works with other phones, but this specific combination does not work. Anyone have an idea why that might happen and how to solve this problem?


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I have had a similar problem to this. All I had to do was take the SIM card out then turn off the device wait about ten minutes turn it back on then put the SIM card back in and it had no problem after that. Hope this helps. Best of Luck!!!

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I wasn't very hopeful when I saw your response Mr. Jacob, but then I tried it and this black magic actually worked! I turned the phone off and removed the battery and left the intended SIM card in and waited for 10 minutes, removed the SIM card as well and waited for another 10, then inserted the battery without the SIM and waited for 10 and then put everything together and waited for another 10 before I turned the phone on, and when I was finally turned the phone back on, I got coverage and texts and data! Thanks a lot for your tip that comes beyond the vast horizons of logic :-)


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