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The Epson WF-2540 is an all-in-one color inkjet printer. It features a 2.5-inch LCD touchscreen and four individual ink cartridges.

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Replacing female USB type b (WF-2510)

Hi everybody, I have got a serious problem with my Epson wf-2510 and it doesn't work anymore. Checked everything possible including software reinstall and bought a new USB cable but nothing. Seeing that I assume the problem could be the USB that is faulty and I would like to replace it with a same one female USB B type but the problem is that it is a vertical one thus 4 pins and 4 leads for the soldering junction placed on the square profile part of it. Tried to find the same piece searching down the web without positive result. So my question is if it is possible to replace the USB with another same non-vertical one? Or at least can anyone advice me where could I find the very same replacement somewhere on the web. I hope someone can help me and many thanks for your help!

Update (07/29/2018)

Here is the pic! Thanxs

Block Image

Can you see it?

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Unfortunately I couldn't find the right part. There are many different USB vertical connectors but the four hooks seem not to fit whereas in this printer are situated at the corners of it. Thanks anyway. Any other advice please?☺


Can you post a picture of the part you need?


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The part should be available from an electronics parts supplier. Try looking at either Digikey.com or Mouser.com for the connector you need. It may take some time as there are many variants available, but either of the above suppliers should have what you need.


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I couldn't find one either. Thanks for the picture though. A couple of ideas:

1) Any chance you can remove the connector from the shell? If so, then you should be able to get any vertical receptacle and insert it into the shell.

2) I found a replacement board for $22 (link below). Either replace the board or salvage the connector (which might be easier.

Link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CC03-MAIN-BOARD...


Great idea thanks a lot. You know what I will try both options, first an attempt to replace the USB with another (standard) vertical one. If it still doesn't work then I will go for the whole part as you suggested.

P.S. I assume and I hope the problem is related only to the USB


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Have you considered making this printer a network printer? If you are unable to get the USB connection working, then consider connecting the printer to the router via either a wired or wireless network connection. It should work as well that way as if you connected it directly to the computer via USB.

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Hi, of course I considered it but it seems that WiFi doesn't work as well. This printer actually have got it from a friend of mine who did tell me about this all. I accepted the challenge trying to fix it. So, the printer switches on very good and does everything concerning menu, display, options and so on. Only it doesn't recognize the usb cable as well as when I try to configure it via WiFi doesn't recognize the device. That's the situation guys


ehm, just internet wire configuration haven't tried yet..


Ethernet will work with no complications. And you can use cable rated as low as CAT 5, because you really don't need fast communications when it comes to printing. In other words, you should be able to get an Ethernet cable cheap.

The only negative with using Ethernet cable is that either your printer has to be near your router, or you have to run a long cable to it.


Ok, no problem getting an ethernet cable. Only I don't think there is any option of ethernet configuration as launching the Epson software. Have to check!


Hi, I have just discovered that this printer doesn't support any Ethernet connection


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