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HIgh-end gaming headset manufactured by Turtle Beach.

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Why won’t my turtle beach 50x headphones work on Xbox one?

I AM ASKING ABOUT TURTLE BEACH 50X NOT THE X11 THE 50X wasn’t a listed device. I was using my turtle beach 50x headset and it worked fine for the most part. The plug on the headset was a little bent but it never gave me much of a problem. I got off Xbox for a little and came back and I couldn’t hear any game audio and now my Xbox can’t even detect that the mic and headset is connected. I tried it on another controller and it works for a little and cuts out, but it works 100% fine on a computer. Not sure if it’s a controller or headset problem.

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This is an issue with the controller.

The design on the xbox one 3.5mm controllers the internal jack port is very badly made. they are not even connected to the board. You would be better off changing the jack port in your controller.

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