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Выпущенный 16 сентября 2016 года смартфон нарекли iPhone 7 Plus. Вышло несколько моделей нового устройства: A1661, A1784, и A1785, а также можно было выбрать между версиями на 32, 128 и 256 Гб встроенного накопителя. На выбор можно было приобрести золотой, розовое золото, серебристый, Jet Black и (PRODUCT) Red оттенки корпусов.

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Phone makes calls, but no audio is sent or recieved. The call does go.

I have reset the phone multiple times and tried it on multiple carriers. It will sucessfully place the call, and the receiving party can anwser the call. There is no option to change audio source, usually the top right button in a call.

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The iPhone 7 series of devices have proven to be very unreliable, suffering from flex-based issues similar to the iPhone 6 Plus (Touch Disease). On the iPhone 7, the fault line runs along the top of the SIM card reader and affects the Baseband CPU and Audio IC. There are a few copper traces running perpendicular to the fault line that connect to the Audio IC that are subject to failing.

Here are the typical symptoms, as collated by the repair community:

  1. Voice Memos app / Loudspeaker on call - greyed out
  2. Siri doesn’t hear you / Caller can’t hear you
  3. Most other Audio related issues that aren’t solved by modular replacements
  4. Long boot times (3-5 minutes)
  5. iTunes detects the phone but stuck on the Apple Logo

This requires a micro-soldering repair and is not a DIY fix.

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Any details on the repair? Videos? I can only imagine that it would be a band aid at best since the phone will likely flex and break in the same way again.


I should have said it first, but thank you.


Micro-jumper repairs are long-term repairs and not bandaids. The copper traces on an iPhone circuit are incredibly thin and break pretty easily. The jumper (50AWG/0.02mm) that we put in place, while tiny by normal measures, is huge comparatively. The repair community has been doing this for several years on Touch Disease issues and the return rate is essentially nil.


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