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The Nexus 6 is an Android phone developed by Google and Motorola released in 2014 with a 6-inch display.

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Charging problem and holding charge problems

My Nexus 6 will only recognize that it is plugged in to charge if I first turn it off plug it in while it is off wait for the battery to flash charging then turn it back on.If I just plug it in while its turned on it simple doesn’t recolonize its plugged in at all. and it only charges with what seems like random cords Example both cords that came with the phone will no longer work at all with it but they charge my Blu phone just fine but my Blu phone cord will charge it after I do the turn off then plug in dance. I tried doing a factory reset hoping that if it is a software issue that would resolve it to no avail. Not only that when I charge it fully I can use it for an hour leave it on sleep mode till the next morning and its so dead all you get is the flashing dead battery icon. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any ideas what might be causing all of this?

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I can throw out a suggestion to try for the battery itself:

If your phone battery is old and you want to check if it is‘physically’ no longer able to hold a charge, pop it out of your phone and hold it in between your fingertips. Run your fingertips along the flat sides of the battery and feel if there’s any slight lump or bulge in its casing. If there is, there’s good chance your battery is toast.

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