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Force touch and home button not working after replacing with ifixit

I’ve just finished replacing the screen assembly on my wife’s iPhone 6s and now neither force touch nor the home button / Touch ID work. The screen works fine however.

I notice ice that this screen seems thicker than the previous one, I’m comparing it to my 6s which is about 1mm+ thinner now. Perhaps I have the screen improperly seated?



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Aftermarket screens tend to be a little bit thicker than OEM screens. iFixit does sell an OEM screen, called Choice.

For the missing Force Touch, you could try to hard reset the device by holding the Power & Home button for ~10 secs. If the TouchID is not working, you should carefully inspect the Home Button flex to see if there is any tear in the flex or damage to the connector. Also check the connector on the flex that is embedded in the screen assembly. If the Home Button is damaged, there’s not much you can do but if the damage is within the replacement screen, that can be repaired by replacing the screen.

To be certain, you could re-install the original screen to see if the TouchID works.

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Thanks Minho. I have not had a Force Touch issue as of yet when doing repairs. However, I have had issues with the home button and/or Touch ID not working and reseating the home button has always worked for me. Thanks for your input.


When it puts a screen and it stops working touch id, but then when placing the previous screen touch id returns to work, always it is thing of the screen or a bad assembly of the same one. The elongated flex of the home comes with the screen and may be defective. Force touch usually fails if it is not a very good quality screen (most of which you can buy)


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Hi Robert,

When you replaced the screen, did you transfer the home button from the old screen? If not, that is why Touch ID is not working. You may need to reseat the home button connector, as it may not be making a good connection. To be honest, I’m not sure about the force touch. I’ve never had that issue. Maybe someone with more experience with that issue can help shed some light on it.

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