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Announced in March 2015, and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 is the next flagship in the Galaxy line. The curved screen version is known as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Why will my phone not turn on

My phone will not turn on, earlier a yellow light was flashing but now nothing is happening. Here lately it been popping up messages saying things were not working. Like I this one said system processer (I think that what it was called I could be wrong) and something else about my screen.

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Well, on most devices, no power is a battery or charging port problem. Although I have seen a few cases where a damaged lcd would somehow prevent the phone from actually turning on with Samsung devices. I would start with the charging port, inspect it, if anything is wrong with it physically that could be your problem. If not then I would consider the battery if was acting strange in any way before it went out that could be your issue. Both port and battery are fine it could likely be the lcd or possibly even a motherboard problem.

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