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iBook screen too dim?


I got a nicely preserved iBook G4. Except for the screen, which is very dim. Please see image attached (Macbook added for comparison). Also there’s some brightly looking area on the screen.

Sure, iBook cannot be compared to Retina display… But I’m curious if this iBook has some screen problems that need to be fixed? BTW… image on external display is normal.

Block Image

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The display likely needs replacing to solve the white spot and within the display assembly is the CCFL lamps (part of the LCD panel) as well as the Inverter which over time do loose there effectiveness. If you can find a new display assembly thats what I would replace first. Here’s the guide: iBook G4 12" 1.33 GHz Display Replacement. If you need to get the discreet parts here’s a list:

  • LCD Panel - 661-2773 or 661-3310 (early ‘04)
  • Inverter Board - 922-5019
  • Inverter Cable - 922-6134

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