How to give it a tune up?

Where, and how do i fine the spark plugs on a 2008 ford focus.And give it a tune up?

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Here are the plugs for your car, click on the "see all" button for other options:

Go to Auto Zone for a free computer read out and any other parts you need they will tell you about. Review this site on what to do:

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I changed my spark plugs and air filter.. What else can I do to keep it from using a lot of gas.. My car burns to much gas.


One thing I can think of is check your tire pressure. Find out what the optimal pressure for your kind of tires is, and keep them at that pressure. You don't want to inflate them to max sidewall while they're "hot", but underinflated tires wear out faster and reduce gas milage.


Hello. Could I tune up my Automatic 2010 Ford Focus SE like theFast n the furious ?


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