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LCD cable broken, I need it right

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Does anyone have the right one LCD cable?

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It would be very helpful if you could post a photo of the damaged cable. Does it have connectors at both ends, or does the LCD end disappear into the LCD? If the latter it's unlikely that you'd be able to replace just the cable, and instead it'd probably have to be the entire LCD assembly.


I broke the cable

I set up a picture


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The cable is marked AWM 20624, which seems to specify the type of cable, but not its length or the number of connections. A Google search brings up a number of options - hopefully you can find one in your region. In selecting one there are several things to check:

  1. The length (obviously)
  2. The number of conductors (I think yours is either 35 or 36 - hard to tell from the photo)
  3. The pitch (distance between conductors - I think yours is probably 0.5mm)
  4. The exposed conductors are on the same side of the ribbon at both ends (sometimes they can be on opposite sides)
  5. Similar reinforcement (the blue strips) at both ends.

If you get no luck, try a search for FFC ribbon (FFC is Flat Flexible Cable)

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