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Repair guides and support for the fourth generation of Ford Mustang, including the Mustang GT and Mustang Cobra.

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How do I fix sudden RPM surges in a 95 Mustang GT 5.0 SN95?

After driving 15-20 minutes the RPM gauge jumps from 1 1/2 to 2 RPM and the motor rev's up like I'm pushing down on the gas pedal but I'm not. My foot is steady on the pedal. I think my engine fan is turning on when the RPM gauge surges and turning off when it stops. Why is it doing this and how do I fix it? How do I know if it is the engine fan or not?

Update (09/25/2018)

Hi Travis, no I'm not running a/c or heater when it happens. It happens after the only after the engine warms up. It doesn't happen every time its warmed up either. There are times the RPM gauge will surge for 10-15 seconds then stop, and do the same thing a few minutes later. But that don't happen every time either when it surges back to back. It seems to happen more often during summer months.

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Are you running the A/C when this happens?


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I would start hunting for a vacuum leak. Look for any disconnected or dry-rotted hoses or a cracked air intake and listen for a hissing/rushing sound from your engine. Cleaning your idle air control valve may also fix the problem. I’d also check your coolant and make sure it’s not low. I assume there isn’t a check engine light, but if there is take it to a parts store and have them read the codes for you. A failed engine coolant temperature sensor could also cause surges.

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Thanks for the advise on where to check. I do have a vacuum hose running along the top of the fire wall that looks pretty dry & the ends are cracking. The hose from radiator to the overflow was missing clamps at both ends and slid off easy. Over flow was below minimum line too. The check engine light comes on with the rest of the cluster lights when I start the car. I have an ODB1 coming in the mail soon & can't wait to check out the car. Thanx again for the help.


Let us know what the codes are, and I can try to help you further. Good luck!


Hi Travis, sorry it took so long to reply. I lost my sister and didn't want to deal with anything. The codes are 56, 45 (I don't have coil packs), 64, 332. I cleared codes and cleaned the MAS, throttle body inside and installed a new TPS. Now codes are 564 and 121. New TPS volt reading are 1.37 probes to TPS wires. Didn't take wot reading. Old TPS was 1.09 closed throttle and 4. 65 wot. My TPS is non adjustable type. Car responses better and don't surge as high as before but surges.


I also changed out the dried cracking vac lines.


My sn95 started fluttering the rpm gage the same day it started runnin funny soon as its warmed up it missfire after 5200 and randomly at lower rpm new plugs wires rotor button freshly timed.....


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