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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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Why does my psu keep breaking?

my ps4 pro keeps blowing power supplies. the lights won’t come on or anything. i change the psu, it works for a little while and then blows again. why is this happening?

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If your device blows one power supply that’s random enough, but for it to blow a replaced power supply leads me to believe that your home wiring could be causing the issue. If you have a bad ground on the circuit it’s plugged into or if something is causing power surges that would result in the power supply blowing a fuse which exists to ensure that a power surge can’t fry your entire system.

Usually with any device that uses power through the wall theres a safety fuse to ensure that the 120 volts from the wall doesn’t destroy the device in the event of a power surge. If a surge happens it will cause the electricity to move into the system and without a fuse it would destroy the sensitive components on the device.

120 volts is a substantial amount of electricity and its far beyond what any household product needs (except a dryer and some stoves). Thats how you’re able to connect multiple devices with a power strip through one plug. Electronic devices use a power inverter somewhere in the device which takes the 120v and scales it down to a fraction of that in order to provide the power level needed for the device to operate (usually a few watts).

If the full 120v surges beyond the power supply capability, there’s a fuse which is designed to handle a set amount of current and anything more will result in the fuse blowing which leads to a new fuse being required (most likely in the form of a new power supply unit) which does suck but if that fuse wasn’t in place then the surge would fry the chips on the logic board and render the device unfixable. I would investigate your circuit and see if that’s your issue.

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The best thing you can do is find a power schematic for the PS4 and then start taking all the proper measurements with a multimeter at the point where power is supposed to be present even one device is plugged in and powered off there still supposed to be some specific voltage that exists in a number of different places across-the-board which are ready to provide power to theirPortion of the circuit that makes the device function when it’s turned on find the ones that are missing or incorrect and then you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on


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Your Ps4 Is Shorting The Psu

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why would the ps4 work for a little while, perfectly, and then blow the psu? why wouldn’t it happen immediatly? and how do i find the short if that’s what it is?


Because there could be something that’s inside of the device that’s not supposed to be there and when the device is on the disc is spinning and it’s creating vibrations and it could be causing that contaminant to bridge two points on the solder side of the motherboard. Or it could be cheap solder that heats up and two points happen to be extremely close to each other and causes just enough softening on the Seiter to bridge two different points that create a blown fuse there’s any number of reasons why things like this happen with electronics


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