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Will ACMarket App Download Affect My Device Performance?

Hello , I want to know how these apps like https://ac-market.org affect my new android phone’s overall performance. This apps seems to be popular for downloading modified apps like Spotify and Pokemon etc ( basically modified apps of all kinds ).

However i am bit concerned , how is this possible as it does not require to root the device for that access, and only need me to enable “Unknown Sources” for installing the apk files.

I use anti-virus apps and mobile cleaner to keep my device safe and running in top optimized condition.

Thank you .

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It does not affect anything.


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I dont think this affects the performance of your device. I use a similar app for iOS and it works just fine. However both mobile OS are worlds apart in how they work and secure user data and optimize files etc . I dont have to jailbreak and still using modified apps that you said.

I think you would be just fine. Hope others can give some input

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Thank you Charles. I am waiting for someone with an Android device or maybe who has used similar apps comment.



I am copy pasting an existing answer for what i got for a similar question for my iOS device . This might help you make a right choice

While these apps are enticing, loading any software outside of the Play Store is very risky! A site which is not supported by ads or other income source is highly suspect. Often times these are the sites that will steal information or leverage your system for their own gain. Even the Play Store is not immune to these threats. The thing is, are you skilled enough to tell if your system has been compromised? Its even possible the risk is delayed so you won’t know right away.

Bottom-line : Best not to be taken in! Stick with real apps off of the Play Store or your own built apps. Or use a second phone (using a fake ID) which you don’t have any personal info on so if its compromised you haven’t lost anything.


This was helpful. I will consider your advice. have a good day !


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