Horizontal dark lines an inch apart throughout document

I buy only Epson cartridges. Problem is I get dark horizontal lines about an inch apart throughout my whole documents. Tried nozzle cleaning, print alignment etc. Completely unloaded and reloaded software but no change. It’s also printing very slowly and does this out of any program I use. If I use PRINT ONLY from the touch screen, no change. BUT if I set the touchscreen to a combination of Matte and Best Quality manually, I will get a clean document but I cannot set that from a PC print mode. I checked the software for fast printing and anything Epson asked me to try when I email their support team. Still get same problem. When I email Epson about it they are even scratching their heads. However, they did give me another number to call. I even tried to change cartridges and won’t work. So I was just wondering if someone else may have had same problem so they could please share it with me before I have to take it in for repairs if that is possible. Or I’m open to suggestions other than cartridge nozzle cleaning and head alignment because I did that two times. I think with this problem you probably would had to have had it for any suggestions. So maybe someone out there has had it or maybe I’m missing something. I would appreciate your reply.

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