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Released December 8, 2009, the Toshiba Satellite L455D-S5976 has a silver upper case and a silver/black lower case. It has a 15.6 inch screen with TOSHIBA written in all capital letters on the back of it.

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Why can't start up

When I press the power button:-

-power light flashes a few time

-Fan can be heard

-No power up

-powers back down

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It could be a lot (really, a lot) of things that can make your laptop do that issue. So, let´s start with the simpliest procedure:

1- Try taking off the battery and the plug in the power cord and try to power-up your device, if it works, you´ll need to replace your battery, but you can used without it anyways.

If the problem persist,

2- You´ll need to take off the RAM memories and try to clean it up( you can do this operation with an eraser, cleanning the golden contacts; make sure you don´t left behind any remains of the eraser in the memory). If you have more than one memory try each independently.

If the problem persist,

3- You need to fully dissasembly your laptop and take a close look of the motherboard, maybe (if dirt on it) try to clean it up with a brush and some isopropyl alcohol.

If the problem persist, leave a comment so we could continue trying to help you.

Good Luck!!

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