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The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a low-end, slate-format Android device released by Samsung on February 2011. Identifiable by model numbers GT-S5830(i, B, C, L).

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The phone boots up, but the LCD wont turn on

The phone does turn on, i can hear it booting. But there is no image or backlight on the LCD. I don’t have another display to try and swap it.

I opened the phone and capacitors fell of the PCB, maybe they were corroded, so i soldered another ones from donor board . And 3 tiny ones on the side are missing

Block Image

The lcd connector has electricity trough its pins so, the display has power.

Visually inspected the connectors and the components on the board are looking okay.

So any suggestions what i could do?

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So there were two not so good looking components in the area around the LCD connector close to the backlight IC.

Darkened capacitor, i replaced it.

And one little darkened core-ferrite bead which i also replaced.

And problem solved! The LCD lit up!

I believe that the core-ferrite bed was bad, because its functions are to block noise for the backlight IC.

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