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How much would a screen cost to repair?

i was wondering how much it would cost me to have my laptop screen replaced and would it be possible to do this yourelf?

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I have a laptop model dell studio 1555 and it does not start when power button is pressed and after few seconds it gives beep sound for 4-5 times and repeated... so I want to know that what could be the problem in my laptop and what would be its estimated repair cost....


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It would help to know exactly what model of Studio 15 you have. It does look straight forward and I am certain could be fixed by you. Check on here for a bit more info on your undertaking. Again, if you have the exact number try to use Google to find the best price for your LCD.The Service Manual is available at Dell as an HTML version. Good Luck.

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For the screen itself, there are different qualities of screens, and they cost different prices. I usually use Parts-People, they exclusively sell Dell parts, at a lower price than Dell will give it to you for. Here's a list of Dell Studio 15 screens from Parts-People.

If you take it to a shop, expect to pay a few hundred bucks for the part and labor. Replacing it yourself would be the best bet for price. Parts-People also has guides on how to fix it yourself, the guide for replacing the screen is here. It may look tough, and probably is, but if you're on a budget it's probably worth it.

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You can get this model LCD under $60 from eBay and to replace it you have to open the screws and detach the cable from logic board plug in the new LCD cable and bolt it back. However this process requires patience and time to see if you can do it your self you tube the tutorial and see if you are able to do that however my sugesstion is to buy the LCD and take it a local electrician and pay him to have it replaced for you.

Good Luck.

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