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Multiple simultaneous error messages

2015 Honda Civic; LX, 1.8L V-Tec SOHC 16V; Manual Tran — Check TPMS, Check Power Steering, Check Emission System, Check Hill Start Assist, Check (VMS?) - all came on at once when starting yesterday. Tires are fine, P/S is fine, the vehicle runs and drives normally (I’ve had it for three years). I suspect a fuse, module, or connection.

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Hey, Rick. Check your battery voltage. I’ve seen low battery voltage trick these cars into limp mode and/or set many different codes at once. If your battery voltage is fine, post a list of exactly which codes were present (ex: P0300) and I’ll see if I can find anything. I agree with your suspicion that it’s a connection or some module on the CAN-Bus.

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So, I popped the hood to do some troubleshooting yesterday (Monday), poked around under the fuse box cover and wiggled a couple cables. Before I even attempted to check the battery voltage I started the car, and lo and behold, the error messages disappeared from the LCD display! I can't actually say whether just poking around fixed it, or it fixed itself by sitting quietly in the driveway from Saturday evening to Monday afternoon, but it strengthened my theory that it was a bad connection somewhere. Tuesday afternoon I drove the car to work (~22 miles, mostly rural) with no further issue. Thank you for your consideration.


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