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The Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is a headset designed by Kingston. This device comes with a headset, removable microphone, and an inline USB audio controller and is compatible with most computing devices. Model number: KHX-HSCP-RD

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Left earcup lower in sound

Hello! I have to manually balance the left speaker on windows and if i set the volume up it messes the balancing up. Any ideas why does the left speaker sound a little worse than the right one? I don’t think its the outside wires but i opened the earcup and everything seems alright.. Any ideas?

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When you “manuely” balance it you mean you go to sound manager and set the left higher than the right attempting to fix it?

Well if you have to do that then either the headset has some problem or it’s simply your motherboard.

Not as your motherboard is bad but the audio on it sucks. Have you tried other headsets in your PC using the same port, getting different results? I have the same headset. Wonderful headset.

I recondmend trying to plug it into a different 3.5mm jack on your PC seeing if that helps or simply buying a Audio adapter for your PC

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Yeah i balance them in the windows sound thingy.

These headphones have a 7.1 and are connected to the pc with a usb and ive tried it on my frirnds pc same thing the left speaker on them sounds lower than the right one..

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Ok. Well for one haha. Next time, comment below the answer for future reference, didnt know you messaged til I got on this again. It tells me when you comment :)

Ok so the headset uses an 3.5mm jack, or aux cord, or at least mine does. Have you tried that? And if it does that on your friend's PC as well it may well be a headset problem. You could always just go back and forth seeing how much of a difference the sound is and I'm sure a you will find a balance. Other than that I can't help as im no expert in whats inside of an headset.


I'm kinda new so yeah..

Yeah i tried it without the usb thingy and same thing i kinda balanced it now in windows but my "ocd" is kicking in if i hear a sound lower on the left side lmao..

I wanted someone to actually tell me if it only needs a re-wire or my headphone speaker is done.. If i need a rewire i could do it without a problem the only problem is where do i buy new wires for the headphones or the left speaker for it..

The real issue was that my friend had them and while he still had the warranty on them he sent a message to hyperx saying that these don't work and they just sent him a new ones and he asked me if i want these cause he really doesn't need them and now here I am trying to fix them haha.


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