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The Asus ROG Strix GL702VM-BHI7N09 is a gaming computer released by Asus in January 2017. It can be identified by the serial number on the bottom of the keyboard.

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Touchpad not Working in windows 10

Good Day. I actually have an asus GL504GM whitch is not listed here. Ive installed the latest windows from Microsoft, updated to the latest version, but the touch-pad/track pad is not working at all and not found in device manager. I’ve downloaded the latest driver found on Asus website but i receive an error when trying to install it. “There is a problem with this windows installer package”

Update (10/27/2018)

Good Day,

Thank you for the reply.

Please note that - no old drivers found. ATK Package - unable to install because the setup is not applicable to your computer

EDIT: in bios the touchpad is working so its not a hardware issue

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Apologies may have got it wrong

Is this the touchpad driver that you tried? (select your model and OS)

In Device Manager are there any yellow exclamation marks or red crosses that may indicate faulty or disabled hardware

Check for "hidden devices" in Device Manager, just in case it is listed there. Click on View tab > show hidden devices

This link may also be of some help.


Yes, thats correct, those are the drivers i have tried. Selected windows 10(the only option) and GL504GM - my model

i don't have elan driver so it does not work.

No Yellow exclamation mark except Intel SD Host controller.

Its Not listed under Hidden devices in device manager.


In windows settings under the devices tab i only have mouse, no touchpad or trackpad. Same thing in the device manager




More things to try ;-)

Check in BIOS under Security tab > I/O Interface Security whether there is an option to enable or disable the touchpad.

Try doing an Windows update check again. Settings > Update and security > Windows Updates > Check for updates.

Try doing a Startup Repair and see if that works.

Settings > Recovery > Advanced startup > Troubleshoot > Startup repair

If still no good you may have to revert back to the previous Win 10 version.

Settings > Update and Security > Recovery > Go back to the previous version of Win 10.


In bios touchpad is enabled.

No other Windows updates available.

I'll try the startup repair but I don't think that will work.

Maybe the rollback to a previous Windows version might work


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Found it!

you need to install Serial i/o from intel before installing the drivers for the touchpad

download here :


or in “others” section

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YESSSSS!!! THIS RIGHT HERE! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I actually didn't have to mess with the drivers, one stated an error and mentioned the item you've recommended, a simple download, extract and executable later and I'm good to go! :D


It worked for me too, thank you!


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You dont have correct device driver for touch pad. I will appear as unknown device. Find mother board dvd for driver or find windows driver for touch pad. Any default touch pad driver will work.

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There is no motherboard DVD included in the package.its a laptop without DVD rom.


try usb pendrive for driver go to control penal and click on add remove windows component and install driver for touch pad.


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Had this same problem when I resetted a newer model asus and hp laptops. Fix it by downloading Microsoft Windows 10 Update Assistant from microsoft website. It loads the latest win 10 version which fixed the problem on both.

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Fix Windows 10 Touchpad Issues

Touchpad issues can either come from the hardware or the drivers powering it in Windows. Once you track down which it is, solving the problem is straightforward. These steps can help you narrow the cause and get your touchpad working.

Confirm that the trackpad is connected properly. If your touchpad is not working, make sure it's connected to the Windows 10 device properly. If you use a touchpad that connects through USB, check that both ends of the connecting cable are fully plugged in.

If the touchpad is part of the keyboard, like with the Type Cover on the Surface Pro and Surface Book, make sure that the keyboard is completely connected to the tablet with no foreign objects obstructing the connecting prongs.

If your touchpad and keyboard are built into your system (like in a laptop/notebook), this is more difficult. Skip to step 5; if the further steps do not help your issue, you may have a hardware issue and may want to bring your system to a computer repair shop.

Remove and reconnect the touchpad. Unplugging and reconnecting the touchpad may fix connection issues. If you use a Type Cover on a Surface device, this can be done by disconnecting and reattaching the Type Cover.

Check the touchpad's battery. If the touchpad connects to the Windows 10 device using Bluetooth and it stops working properly, its batteries might be running out of power. Replace the old batteries with new ones to see if this fixes the problems you experienced.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Mark Wilson

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