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Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Full Upgrade: 6Gb RAM, SSD, Optibay and Coolers

I have an EMC 2134 iMac 3.06Ghz. Is it real to upgrade:

  1. Install 4Gb + 2Gb RAM PC2-5300 RAM (6Gb)
  2. Replace main HDD with SSD (OCX Vertex 3 240Gb)
  3. Replace SuperDrive with 2,5 HDD
  4. Find and replace all coolers with new ones

Is it possible?

Thanks, Max.

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If by "coolers" you mean the fans in the iMac, there is no need to replace them and I don't think that there would be any upgrade for them anyhow. Hope this helps!

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Hello, I successfully did 6GB RAM .. Crucial M4 256GB SSD into main sata2 position .. and Seagate Momentus 750GB 7200rpm 2.5'' sata hdd instalation using pata to sata hdd caddy bay instead of pata optical drive upgrade .. both configured as 1TB fusion drive.

Few recommendations after my upgrade..

- If not sure which ssd to buy, pick one with marvel sata chipset (samsung 830 series, crucial m4..). They seems more compatible with older iMac's

- I wasn't able to fix my ssd inside the same way that my older 3.5 inch drive was. Even with crucial 3.5 to 2.5 extension. Extension was short (4inchx4inch, but usual 3.5inch drive is 4inchx5.75inch) and even with longer extension, imac's sata cable is too short. Strong thick double sided tape on back of imac did the job in ideal cable position.

- Attaching a thermal sensor from optical drive onto a Momentus drive was bit tricky.. because you have to put it on top of the drive, instead beneath, as it was attached to optical drive. There might not be enought room between new drive and display panel. So get rid of sensor capsule and just tape the sensor onto the Momentus drive.

Write speed ~210MB/s .. (~45MB/s before upgrade)

Read speed ~260MB/s .. (~55MB/s before upgrade)

I do recommend this upgrade :)

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Max, I've successfully done the 6GB RAM upgrade and I'm about to replace the internal HDD with an SSD using the NewerTech AdaptaDrive mounting kit. The AdaptaDrive is available from OWC, as are some SSDs that are better performing and cheaper than the OCZ stuff. I'm looking for a similar adapter to replace the SuperDrive with an HDD as well (I know I've seen one somewhere). The important thing to remember is that the SuperDrive is PATA, not SATA, so it must be replaced with a PATA HDD. I have no information about updating the coolers - do you think that's necessary?

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