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Gateway laptop with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD. Model number: NE56R49u.

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Lost internet connection from my router

I have lost my internet connection.

If I go to “tools, internet options, set up” and try to create a new connection, my only choice is a broadband connection. I’m using a NetGear router that is working fine on another laptop just 3 feet away from the router. I am not in airplane mode.

I should add that the Gateway had no problems with this router until a couple of days ago. The router itself seems to be working fine but I did shut it off and rebooted it this afternoon.

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Did rebooting it fix the problem? Don't forget to do your switches and your system in that order.


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Check your Netgear router’s settings did you turn off 802.11b/g services? Your Gateway system may not have an 802.11n or better WiFi adapter.

You might want to install a WiFi Monitoring software to see what it tells you on your working system. Solarwinds - Network Performance Monitor

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You need to check your antivirus or firmware, because sometime firmware block internet connectivity. You must check that it is updated.

You can do one more thing, forget all internet connection from control panel. restart your computer. Reset your Netgear router to default settings.

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