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The Satellite C660 is a series of laptops released by Toshiba around 2010. They have 15.6-inch screens and a variety of Intel processors.

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White/blue/black lines on Toshiba Satellite C640 screen.

Block Image

My laptop screen just shows the attached screen. Although it makes windows startup sound, I cannot see a single thing apart from this mileu of these three colours and lines.

PS: I took out my laptop after 2 years. It was in a suitcase.

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It looks as if your laptop’s LCD panel was damaged inside the suitcase. I would go ahead and replace the lcd if there is any data you wand off of it.

Here is the replacement part:


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Thank you very much


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Hi Atul,

The image and the symtom you have mentioned tell that 95% chances are there that the screen of your laptop needs to be replaced. You should have a normal 14.0 LED and you can go to any laptop service centre like Laptop Service Centre, who can take care of your laptop and tell your what exactly is defective physically. You can ask for free support to Free Support to get it done by yourself.

And if it is the problem with your screen, make your that your laptop hinges are ok.

Hope we could help you.

Thank you.

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