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Philips Hue is a line of color-changing light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and white bulbs that can be controlled wirelessly.

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Having problems with programing timer

Just got a Hue light replacing my morning light as the fade in is a bit less shocking.

Has anyone had issues with the programing of it not working consistently?

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Try upgrading to the new APP



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Thanks! They just released an update so we'll see how it goes in the AM.


Solved it!

Thanks Mayer


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So im not answering the question but i was trying to find a way to contact you because im so curious how you know so much about almost every device, im a tech myself and always trying to learn new things and i almost always see you answer questions and was wondering what did you do or study up on so much to help you gain all this knowledge, if this was unproffesional of me to try and contact you through this way im sorry

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@zmentz - Both @mayer and my self have been in the industry a long time. Basically it's years of learning.

To add to it in my case I went to collage learning as much as I could there. Its also easier to work on the simpler designs of the past to understand the more complex designs being used today as each generation builds on the previous one.

So understanding the original Apple II and IBM PC and then the original Apple Mac and the follow up Macs gives us a good foundation to work from.


Thank you, ive been trying to figure out a good way to really help me understand more devices then phones and windows laptops, as a tech myself i work at a repair shop and i always want to be able and help answer and solve any issue my customers may have, for pratical reasons of course, thank you for replying and have a great day!


@zmentz Those old guys know a lot more than you might think. Lots of time to make mistakes and learn from them.


yeah tell me about it im still only 17 and ive made some rough mistakes but ive learned from them, and i dont expect to know everything rn but im just doing what i can to keep improving and help out others @mayer


hi @danj and @mayer this is really the best way i can really reach out to u but by any chance r u able to help me out with my question? Does the Lenovo thinkpad t570 20jw have a lcd inverter


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