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The Epson WF-2540 is an all-in-one color inkjet printer. It features a 2.5-inch LCD touchscreen and four individual ink cartridges.

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Blank page when printing or copying

I have the Epson WF-7720, which I assume is just a newer version of the one listed in your directory. My problem is that today, only the black started printing spotty, so I cleaned the heads. On the 3rd go round, it just stopped printing entirely, all colors. I put in a new original cartridge and tried again and still nothing at all on the page. I have used refillable ink from Costco in the past, but I just put in all new original ink cartridges and it still won’t print or copy anything, just a blank page comes out. This printer is less than 1 year old and I hate it!

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There is a lot of reasons for printing black paper of your printer. Check these simple solutions if still having the issue:

Check If Your Printer Is Connected Properly

Set The Epson Printer As Your Default Printer

Clear Jammed Papers

Reseat The Ink Cartridges

These are the common solutions, if it is not working properly then check out the other solutions

Clean The Printer Head

Restart The Print Spooler Service

Clear The Printing Queue

Reinstall The Printer Drivers

Hope it will help to resolve the issue. Or check out this article https://silicophilic.com/epson-printer-n... to get the solution in detail.


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Hello Jerolyn;

The following link will help you solve this problem.


I hope this helps!

Rich Lilja

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