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The Asus MeMO Pad 8 ME181C was released June 2014. It features an 8" screen, in a silver metallic case, with rear and front facing cameras.

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Why will my tablet not power on

My Asus memopad will not reboot, and does not indicate its being charged. The only response I can get is a lightening of the screen when pressing the on button. I have tried the reset option holding down the volume controls and the pose on button without success.

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The solution i found to this problem was to remove the cover and disconnect the battery. I then tried to power up several times. I left the battery disconnected for two days then tried to power up again. All of this was to ensure all power to the tablet was completely gone.

On reconnecting the battery I tried to start for recovery holding up volume button as well as on button. This eventually brought up the recovery options for the tablet from which I was able to restart it. There are several earlier posts on how to restart the tablet the only difference I employed was the length of time I disconnected the battery for.

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