cracked screen (HTC u11 life)

Hello :)

Is there a tutorial about how to replace the screen on an HTC u11 life?

I just cracked mine and need to replace it :(

Also, I noticed I can order either the screen alone or the screen together with the frame (power and volume buttons). I’m wondering if the repair would be easier/harder if I order the screen+frame (since the price difference is only marginal).

Thank you very much in advance for your help.



I guess there is no description or plan of the internal layout of the device available…

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Here is a full teardown tutorial of the phone, but you only need to focus on the screen portion of the video:

It is easier to replace the screen that already has the frame on it, because it eliminates the process of having to adhere the screen only portion to your old frame. I personally like the frame/screen combo rather than screen only, but it’s a little more expensive.

NOTE: The repair guy in the video uses metal to get the back off. Do not use metal to get the back off. When you’re in the process of getting the back off, don’t push your tool in too far or you’ll break those flexes on both sides of the phone.

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Well, actually the repair guys doesn’t remove much more than the screen and the battery from the frame.

I was wondering if any other internal parts are glued to the frame or if they are all attached with screws…




Yes there are internal parts adhered to the frame, but are easy to remove to transfer to the new frame. You'll need to transfer everything shown at 6:40 in the video. So in example, motherboard, front and back camera, charge port, loud speaker, etc..


Thanks :)

Everything went well.

The most "difficult" parts to transfer were the loudspeaker (I was scared to break the wires that connect it to the logic board) and the volume and on/off buttons.


Awesome congrats on a successful repair!


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