Pedals not working at all

Hi, I recently went after my g27 to play some games on it after 3 year of being in box. Still smell like first day, but pedals not working. Shifter and steering wheel is 100% OK. I try windows 10/7 (no activity on pedals in Logitech program) and then went on my PS3 to run GT6. still only pedals not working. Opening the pedal box, no sign of dust or wire damage. But when detaching the COM port of pedals from the main unit, and then slowly put it back in; like 5 to 15% in the connector… the car in the game start accelerating or tail light lit up. Wobbling the connector make pedal command to work or not working again. Remember; when car is like accelerating, pedals are in idle position and have no force on them. and when i push let’s say break pedal while the car accelerating, the car won’t stop or anything else.

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