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The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) is a mid-range smartphone in the Galaxy A series. It was unveiled by Samsung in January 2017 together with the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) and A5 (2017).

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Multiple issues with SM-A720F (A7 2017)


I've got a notification for a newer version of Android available for my mobile. So I just downloaded and installed it. Everything was fine until I saw my screen is freezing.home and back buttons work but but when you touch the screen nothing happens. I have to lock and unlock the screen to use my phone for seconds then it freezes again. This happened in some last updates , then I use Wipe Cache Partition and the problem was gone.

but this time I use WCP and nothing happens. You can see here.

So I decided to download the previous firmware and android 6 & 7 firmware from Sammobile and install it using Odin. I am sure that these firmwares are for my phone , I checked everything. but then I see a "complete(write) operation failed" error and FAIL! in Odin for all the firmwares. after seeing this error I try for a second time , but then it just keep showing me the SetupConnection and nothing happens. Any ideas ?


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U need to check security level when u down grade firmware it most be same

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