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Repair and disassembly guides for food cooling appliances including refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers.

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side by side samsung water dispenser will not stop shooting water

I have a Samsung rsg257aars side by side water dispenser will not stop dispensing. I heard that filter not sealing can cause this. I replaced the filter and it work fine for a few days then started again. I also tried a Samsung brand filter ($50 from Lowes) still no luck. I am thinking about replacing the filter housing next but I wanted to check here before shelling out another $70. It does the same thing without a filter.

More info. The ice dispenser works fine so that ruled out the microswitch. I even tested the microswitch separately with a meter. works perfect,

I look forward to hearing from some more experienced folks out there

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Any update? We have the same issue. Replaced the water filter and was ok for a week only. Repair man wants $500 for the water valve but says he isn't sure it will correct the problem.


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I’m not sure how much water you’re getting, this Samsung help page is about an unruly dispenser, sounds like you may have already tried a lot, but here’re their recommendations:

  • Make sure the ice dispenser is sealed properly, and the fridge is level and not the source of drips
  • Purge air from the line by running the dispenser into a bucket
  • Inspect the water line couplers that pass through the door

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I had the same problem of water continuously shooting out the dispenser. I pulled out the fridge and turned off the water supply. After reading this post, I installed a new (generic) water filter, opened the shut off valve and…. Wa Lah, it works properly now!!! Thanks…

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Be sure to turn the filter on all of the way, there is a small detent at first but you must continue to rotate the filter about a quarter of a turn to fully seat the filter.

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