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Smaller version of the original iPad Pro. Released March 31, 2016. Features a 9.7" display, A9X processor, and 32/128/256 GB storage options. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold.

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Black screen on my.iPad pro

While I was using my iPad editing some photos using an app the screen went blank and I try to reboot it by pressing the home button and the power button at the same time the logo appeared on the screen followed by a red line going down from The Middle now whenever I charge my iPad I hear the connector working but when I press the home button the color of the screen still black but he has little light on the back ground but no image my question is what is need to be replaced and what's the problem

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It sounds like the issue is with the screen. Unfortunately, replacement screens on the Pro models can be quite expensive so a DIY repair entails you buy the parts upfront without really knowing if it will solve the problem. Check out the repair guide here to see what’s in play.

What has happened to the iPad in the days and weeks leading up to this? Was it dropped, repaired or came into contact with water? That may give us some clues.

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