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A tablet released in September of 2015 by Amazon featuring a 7 inch multi-touch screen display. Model Number: SV98LN

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How to use developer options

I know how to get to the developer options but I don't really know what all that stuff does can somebody explain it? I know you can use it to get Android os but idk how. I'm usually tinkering with the hardware it's self not the software, lol thanks

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It is currently running Fire os Also is there a way to essentially move all the data from my tablet to my computer, incase I want to restore my tablet to how it currently is now, later on?


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Aside from enabling ADB mode in developer options you can’t really do anything to that firmware at this time. You can’t unlock the bootloader to install a custom ROM and no ROOT at this time. You can however install the google play store, just google “google play store on fire xda” and there’s a straight forward tutorial on how to install it. From there you can install a launcher to give it an Android look. When not using the table enable airplane mode to avoid auto OTA updates.

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Thank you ! If you don't mind me picking your brain a tad more, is there a way to downgrade or must you root before downgrading ?


Several people have attempted to downgrade but essentially bricked their device in the process. I recommend waiting for a root ....make sure you remain on**under system updates it shows (its wrong) but clicking on "learn more" shows the correct firmware** ...just avoid any other OTA upgrades.


however there is a tool to mess around with your tablet ...google " XDA AMAZON 7 7TH GEN TOOL FOR FIRE OS 5.6.X and 5.4.0"


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