Razer Blade Stealth Battery Bloating

My Razer blade stealth 2017 is bulging because of a bloated battery. Anyone else have this issue? My screws started popping out and I don’t know how long it is safe to continue using this laptop

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Hi @razeruser ,

Is the laptop still within the manufacturer's warranty period?

If so follow the directions in the warranty statement as to how to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair or replacement.

Even if it is just outside the warranty period, I would contact the manufacturer anyway as a bloated battery is something that they should be made aware of on a relatively new product.

If the battery is starting to bloat, I advise that you discontinue using the laptop, until it has been fixed, as it is dangerous to do so.


Thanks Jayeff. its out of warranty but i have a square trade 3 yr warranty. I was about to send it to them to fix but i hesitated over the fact that i use it and worried it will take longer than a few days to get back. But the immediate concern you addressed: don't sit around, bloated battery is dangerous. Thanks so much


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