How can I fix sticky/drifting joysticks?

My Xbox controller has sticky joysticks and the right one drifts. When I play games, I can't really move my character correctly and the camera always pans upward and I can't bring it down. On the Xbox dashboard, the D-Pad and the left stick jump through/pass options as I navigate them using either or… Bought it for $20 from FB marketplace.

Any who, I'm willing to fix it if it isn't too expensive.

Questions :

Can I open up the modules without desoldering them from the motherboard or damaging them and clean them ?

Block Image

If I have to desolder and remove the modules, can I use modules from say an Xbox 360 controller or even a PlayStation controller modules or any gamepad with six axis analog modules ? Considering using the modules from this controller if possible…

Block Image

Block Image

If I have to desolder/resolder, what is the least expensive kind of tools but good enough to get the job done I can purchase ? I have this in mind but is that all I'll need ?

Block Image

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Seen this about the module sensors, but could bad sensors cause the joysticks to stick and drift ?


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