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iPhone 7 batter inside a iPhone 6s

Currently my phones battery health is only at 82% and it isnt getting me through the day, so I was wondering if I could take a Iphone 7 battery and transfer it into my 6s. In my head it looks like it would work, considering the connectors are the same and all I would have to do is bend the flex cable a little bit/seat the battery differently to make it fit nicely. I have looked around but cannot find any solid answers for my question besides amazon/ebay/ifixit telling me “This battery is only compatible with the iphone 7”

Is it possible?

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As you say, the connector is the same but the flex length is different. You may be able to bend it in place but be careful not to kink the flex. I mix and match batteries all the time for testing purposes but not when sealing a device

The iPhone 7 battery is smaller in length and width than the iPhone 6S battery and by quite a margin however it is thicker so it’s unclear if this will fit “properly” inside an iPhone 6S due to vertical clearance. If it does fit, you will get a nice boost in design capacity (1960 mAh vs 1710mAh).

So my suggestion is to try it and then post back so others will know from your first hand experience :>).

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Will check back when I've done it myself


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