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Would replacing malfunctioning keyboard solve my problem?

I woke up today to discover a line of keys down my keyboard were not responding. I've not spilled anything on my computer, nor have a dropped it or knowingly damaged it in any way. I have no idea what could have caused this.

At first, it was just the F6 key down to the N key that were not responding. Shortly thereafter, for seemingly no reason at all, more keys began malfunctioning. The entire row starting at A until L will trigger the key above or below at the same time (pressing A would result it AZ being pressed when observed in Keyboard Viewer).

I'm planning on selling this computer soon, and don't want to dump money into it unless necessary, though I also don't want to sell someone a shoddy laptop.

What can I do to determine a keyboard replacement would solve this issue before I order the part?

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Note: I have tried both re-seating the keyboard and testing with an external keyboard, as I note below. Neither had any effect!


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Try an ext keyboard - if that works then it is likely that the int KB has failed although until you actually replace it you cant be 100% certain

You should try re-seating the connector too - Guide HERE

Also try removing the battery - IIRC there was an issue with swollen batteries causing apparent KB faults..

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Thanks for the ideas. I should have mentioned in the above post that an external keyboard does indeed function normally. I'm currently typing this post on one. I've also already tried re-seating the connector to no avail. As for the battery, I removed it when opening the case to re-seat the keyboard and it isn't malformed in any way. I think I'll order the part tomorrow unless there are any other ideas. I'll post back with the results.


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