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How do I pin point a start up issue?

Hi, I was sold a really bad g4 power book and now I want to see if I can fix it. It seem like the seller just put a bunch of failing parts in a 01 g4 and lied and said it was a 03. Anyway here is a list of issues

The fan is not working

The cdrom wont read any cds just ejects the after a few moments

The battery does not old a good charge

The screen is getting dimmer

It only boots to the flashing question mark folder

will boot open firmware and option menu but no other commands.

I need to hit the little reset button in the back each time I want to turn it on, it will boot and chime but if I don't hit that lil button there will be no display on the screen

The seller lied and said it had a 40 gb hard drive but it only has a 10 gb drive and it is not held in place by anything. Also its not the original HDD that came with this g4 as the battery panel sticker says it came with a 20 gb HDD.

How can I tell if its the logic board, pmu, pram battery, inverter board or what ever that is causing multiple component issues or if the thing is just full of bad parts?

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If at all possible I would return this to the seller and get my money back. Failing in that the first thing to do is to try a OS disk and see if you can boot to it. I am guessing there is no OS on the hard drive being the reason for the flashing?. You will need to find hard drive mounting parts and I would think a larger hard drive (20GB should be good for this unit) and possibly a optical drive. You are going to need a copy of the OS for sure--not newer than Tiger I think. (Depends on the speed of your processor and installed memory) I am going to include a link to the repair guide to help you. The fan could be a loose connection or may need to be replaced also. Good luck.

PowerBook G4 Titanium Mercury

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