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Sony’s 20.1 megapixel camera designed to capture still images and video recording up to 720 pixels.

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How to fix error C:13:01? re-insert memory card?

I have sony DSC-W380, then suddenly after using cannot open file. the image was C:13:01, re insert memory card. how to fix it?

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I had the SAME PROBLEM! On the SAME CAMERA! I need to know this answer ASAP. I re inserted the memory card and that didn't work. I tried another card, that didn't work.


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I had this error about five years ago in a  Cybershot camera.  The error seemed to be caused by a bad contact  between the camera and the memory stick.

I gave the camera's slot a blast  of compressed air, cleaned the contacts of Camera & Memory Card and inserted &removed the  memory card several times in quick succession.

And this solved the issue.

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I already did but its the same, no changes. =(


If there is no important data on it, try to format it using PC/laptop


cannot also detect on PC/Laptop. yes it has important data.


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