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6.1 megapixels, ISO 200-1600, DX format, 1.5x field of view crop

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How to replace Nikon D70's shutter and sensor?

Could you elaborate a tutorial on replacing D70’s shutter and sensor? It would be really useful, I was able to remove sensor, but now I’m stuck on trying to find the way to remove the shutter. Thank you!

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we really cant’ elaborate on the guides since they are composed by users like you and I. Only thing that we can offer is the official SM. See if that in conjunction with the guides will help you with your task. Just recognized that your camera is a D70s so use this one Nikon D70s SM Here is the parts list for any replacements you need as well D70s_Parts.pdf

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Good Find! @oldturkey03


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You’ll need to pull the front housing off. Are you sure you need to do this? Once you do you’ll need a means to re-align the mount so your focus is not lost. Without the needed fixtures it will be almost impossible and besides, you’ll need a new shutter unit to put in from Nikon.

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