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No calling app and no contact app.

I am fixing this phone for someone and there is no calling app and no contact app. How do i get them back? Do I have to reset the phone?

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I’m not really sure how this happens. You are talking about the built in phone and contacts app right? If that is the case I would see if they are hiding somewhere on the phone. These are built in apps and to my knowledge, the only possible way you could get rid of the apps is to root the phone. Not really sure why you would get rid of those apps in the first place. If you can, I would back up any critical data then factory reset the phone. Make sure it is not linked to a Google account before you reset the phone or at the very least, make sure you know the Google account credentials as you will likely need these to do a full factory reset.

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Sometimes if you use one of those third party apps to change the screen you can remove those types of apps and it can be confusing as to where they have gone.


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I think you can reset the home screen layout and that should restore them? I had to do something similar a few years ago.

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