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The second generation of the Ford Ranger, featuring a mild restyling and new engine sizing.

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Every gear is drive

I have a 96 automatic 4 speed 4x4 ranger… I just replaced the gaskets and valve body and solenoids in the transmission along with filter. I have everything back together but the truck thinks every gear is drive. Why could this be?

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It ended up being the gear selector valve, since it was a new valve body I never pulled out the gear selector valve and made sure it was aligned with the valve.


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It seems like an issue with Transmission. First verify the gear shifter is connected properly, and if possible attach images of the new work you did with the Transmission.

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Problem is I never touched the shifter on the transmission. All I did was bought a new valve body for the transmission. With new solenoids filter and gaskets. New valve body came pre-assembled with gasket already on the inside. All I did was place the new gasket on the outside between the valve body and transmission. Bolt the valve body on the transmission, bolt up the servo cover , connect plugs for the solenoids power, bolt on the filter and then bolt up the pan. Put in fluid and then connect the battery ... Then I turned on the car and then have no gears besides drive. Park is drive reverse is drive...you get the point.


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