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Zeepad 7.0 is an Android powered personal tablet.

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Why all touch screens are not working?

I had a brokrn touch screen in my Zeepad 7’’

I bought 3 other screens online, I have tried them all but none of them are working ( surprisingly)

Could it be because they were not for Zeepad? I mean when I buy I choose the cheapest digitizer

Or is there a hidden trick in replace process?

Thanks for your advice

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A good thing to check is that all the cables inside are plugged in, and that the tablet has power in the battery.

Best of luck

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Thanks for reply, I checked all that, all is fine

But still no one working the last one yesterday only, the only I could think about is if the digitizer not for same brand the location of the connecting strap not in line with the pins so it's not connecting properly, or may the number of pins are not matching

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