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A Chromebook built to withstand drops, spills, and sudden shock and designed for the classroom and for users who spend lots of time on the road.

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How does this panel come out?

Block Image

This panel has a clip that won't come loose.

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I'm trying to get the hard drive out because I last the charger and I have something to turn in tomorrow… anyone know how to get it out?

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what is the exact model number?


20gf-0001us s/n lr-05xkj2 16/06


Because this is a Chromebook then all your work will be in Google Drive, so I think it might be easier to access it from another device. Just sign-in with your gmail address and all your work should be available.


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Minater 247  Lenovo 11e the 20gf version does not have a hard drive. It has a eMMC (embedded Multi Media Card ) which is soldered to the motherboard. Nothing you can remove to get to your files. you will need to get a proper charger.

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Well, I guess I'll see what I can do about the charger... I can't afford one right now :/


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