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Steering wheel and pedal by ThrustMaster for the Xbox One gaming console.

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My wheel wont turn right or left

When I turn the wheel left or right in fh4 it wont turn at all.

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I have been working on a lot of 458 Spiders and still waiting for a response from Thrustmaster regarding a replacement bracket. The cause is due to the table clamp, if you use it on something that is too thin - a glass table for example, and then over-tighten the screw then it actually bends and often breaks the bracket that holds the potentiometer. This then pushes it out of the hole and you lose the steering.

The potentiometer rarely breaks which is interesting so most people bend the bracket back and reseat the pot back into the hole. Normally this fixes it but if you over tighten the desk clamp screw, it will push it back and you are back to square one!!

Think i’m going to have to get a load of brackets machined but if you have or come across the older T80 wheels or other non-ForceFeedback wheels, then these have the same potentiometer bracket as the 458.

Advice - don’t over-tighten the table bracket, if your desk or table is too then then put a bit of wood under the bracket. The screw will keep on turning otherwise and you will be killing the bracket and not getting a tighter clamp to the desk!

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Thanks so much for this tip! I just got a used one and I think I probably would have overtightened eventually without seeing this because my table is a bit thin. I now have a piece of wood I'll be using.

Since you mentioned that you've been working on a lot of these, have you ever seen any with an RB button that registers as being pushed by default? I just posted a question with more details and I'm not trying to be a spammer, but I figured I would ask here.


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I took apart mine and noticed the potentiometer wasn’t in the hole the piece also appeared to be bent.

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