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ipad only boots to displays apple logo

Hi All,

looking for a little guidance here.

I have an iPad 1 64GB wifi only ipad.

The ipad was run over....yes, run over by a vehicle....dont ask :(

Anyway, the back was screwed and the lcd broke so i ordered a replacement LCD. went to taking it apart and replacing the lcd, everything went great, i didnt really notice any other damage.

so i put it all back together and when i plugged it all back together i got the apple logo so i thought i was in business...but....no joy, it just stays at the apple logo.

Holding the home button and lock button seems like it reboots but just back to the apple logo.

The PC does not recognize it and wont charge from USB

it will charge from the 10w adapter.

Im about to take it apart and have a look around but is there anything anyone can suggest?

I did miss one screw on the connector but i cant see this as being the root cause.

Step 10 in this guide

iPad Wi-Fi Dock Connector Cable Replacement


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1 ответ

Have you tried plugging it in to a mac? If you do, open Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility) and see if it shows up there at all. If it does, try to reformat the drive, and then open it up in iTunes and restore it.

If it isn't responding to the computer at all, and holding down the main button doesn't do anything but reset it to being frozen on the apple logo, I'm guessing you've still got a hardware issue (probably not just that screw.)

Take it apart again, and make sure everything is connected correctly and securely and locked in.. but if it still doesn't work, you might just be looking at needing a new logic board (perhaps something was broken or something that you can't even notice in the logic board).

Good luck!

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Unfortunately the MAC doesn't recognize it at all. :( Ill take it apart again. Any ideas on where id get a logic board? Can I take the 64gigs to another logic board or are they hard soldered into the logic boards?


thank you by the way....


If ifixit.com doesn't have logic boards, maybe try checking eBay for logic boards for the iPad.


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